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Sold as advanced technology products across the world under JAWON Medikal for many years, Body Analyzers were acquired by the Selvas Healthcare company in 2016. Established in 1993, Selvas Healthcare is a company that has proven its superiority in the field of medical devices. At Göbeklioğlu Tıbbi Cihazlar, the sales-marketing and technical services of our Body Analyzers are carried out under the ACCUNIQ brand.

ACCUNIQ Body Analyzers are produced by the global company SELVAS Healthcare with the most advanced technology available to provide accurate and reliable results. At Göbeklioğlu Medikal Sistemler, we offer high quality ACCUNIQ products to help improve patients’ health.

ACCUNIQ Body Analyzers are commonly used by dieticians and fitness specialists to evaluate and analyze the measurement results with the needed accuracy. They are commonly used in hospitals, medical centers, dietician offices, sports centers, nursing homes and public health facilities.

Technology that Improves Quality of Life

Since its establishment, MEK-ICS has created permanent public value with its life-saving technology that improves quality of life. The company name MEK-ICS is the representative of the Medical Equipment of Korean Intensive Care System.

It maintains its identity by specializing in and improving its technology, and aims to extend its market across the world. Leading the technology for patient monitors in Korea, MEK-ICS Co., Ltd. firstly developed artificial respiration devices and positive airway pressure devices for use at home.

MEK-ICS Co., Ltd. is gaining ground in being the only company with its capability to produce world-renowned nebulizers, as well as artificial respiration devices and nebulizers with the software for high frequency development technique in the Pan-Asian region.

Great Discovery in Physiotherapy,

HYDRO PHYSIO is a leading aquatic treadmill group that has been designed and developed by a company with more than 40 years of manufacturing experience. Medical and health communities are increasingly recognizing the benefits of water-based exercises. HYDRO PHYSIO is the next step for vertical water therapy, wellness in water and hydro training.

Research claim that vertical motion and exercise in water offers certain therapy benefits such as alleviation of discomfort and increasing physical and mental wellness. Our website shows you the diversity of people that can benefit from HYDRO PHYSIO and how to use the products. We manufacture products that are both innovative and have top level medical classification. Design that make a difference for users across the world.

“Innovation, Quality and Reliability”

Vincent Medical manufactures various medical devices including Class I, II and III devices, and now focuses on respiration products, image contrast media power injector (“CMPI”) disposable products, and orthopedic and rehabilitation products in OEM for our OEM customers.

Business. Furthermore, we develop, manufacture and sell the “Inspired Medical” brand of the respiratory equipment and disposable products as well as orthopedic and rehabilitation products in our OBM Business. By adhering to the main values of “Innovation, Quality and Reliability” we believe that we constitute the foundation of the success of both sectors, quality assurance standards, great experience in the sector, and specialized and efficient production capacity.

We have had significant experience in the manufacture of respiration devices designed to humidify and transfer gases to patients under the ventilation or oxygen therapy. We are in a good position to improve and market the relevant respiration system and devices to enhance the respiratory care of patients.

HFT Nasal High Flow Therapy System

GGM is one of the few companies at the market that offer both active and passive solutions related to humidifier products for ventilator-dependent patients. Our product lines include the following: Heated humidifiers, humidifier compartments, and an entire range of heated wire and non-heated wire respiration circuits.

HME, HME filters, Bacteria / Virus filters, Main flow filter, HEPA filter, Spirometry filters, Suction / Infusion filters, CPAP / BIPAP filters.

Nasal Prong for GGM NP series CPAP
GGM MDA series Patented Multi-Dimension Settings CPAP / BIPAP / NIV full face and nose masks
Launch of new products in 2013,
Bubble CPAP system

FDA Listing
ISO13485 approved plant under DNV
GMP certified plant Taiwan
JPAL certified plant Japan
CE Mark DNV Certified

GGM is moving to its new plant with a total construction area of 4000 square-meters, and we will be proudly offering better service over time. GGM will continue to grow by offering high quality and innovative products that will be useful both for patients and healthcare staff around the world.

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