Is calibration needed after the device is turned on?

An authorized person is not required to calibrate the device once it is turned on. Calibration is performed automatically when the device is turned on.

Is your ventilator device compatible with all adult, pediatric and newborn patient circuits?

Yes, our device is a universal device. All adults, pediatrics and is compatible with newborn patient circuits.

Is it possible to add a module to a ventilator device?

An optional module can be added to our device for carbon dioxide (etCO2) and saturation measurements.

Questions about body composition analyzer

Can a height sensor and ankle electrode be added to the body composition analyzer?

Yes, height sensors and ankle electrodes can be integrated to several models of our body composition analyzers.

How does a body composition analyzer perform measurement?

These monitors work with the Bioelectronic Impedance technique and analyze the body composition. Too weak to feel and a SAFE FOR BODY electric current circulates in liquids inside muscles. When the current is exposed to fat tissue, resistance is encountered and the resistance tissues are evaluated by the device and compared with weight and height and give us the result as fat ratio.

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