ACCUNIQ-JAWON BC 360 Body Composition Analyzers

BC 360 is a multi-frequency, whole body and segmental body composition analyzer that uses innovative BIA technology to enable accurate and precise results.


It is our innovative body composition analyzer device developed by Selvas Healthcare, which provides accurate and precise measurements thanks to innovative BIA technology. The results of 95% overlap with DEXA in fat measurements provide the accuracy of the measurements. It is an economical device which contains many parameters in our body analysis devices.

It is a body composition analyzer with QR code feature that you can follow the growth and development of children with percentile curves. Easy to use, it doesn’t steal your time and gives you the right results in a short time. The BC360 Body Composition Analyzer has a touch screen.

One Touch Calibration

With the “One Touch Calibration feature in our BC360 Body Composition Analyzer, you can calibrate your device in 10 seconds without the need for technical support!

Multifrequency Measurement

All of our devices, from our lowest segment device to the highest segment device, operate with multifrequency system. In BIA analysis, a harmless electric current is sent to the body and the frequency of this electric current affects the measuring accuracy of the device. The electrical current sent below 200 kHz cannot enter the cell and cannot measure the fluid there. This will affect all your measurement results.

User Friendly Application QR Code

After you create a record in the application downloaded to your smartphone, read the QR code at the end of the measurement and the measurement result will be uploaded to your client’s phone and your client can record the result. People do not lose their results and can access body composition analyzes at any time.

Product Details

Frequency Range: 5, 50, 250 kHz
Measurement sites: Whole body, area (right arm, right leg, left arm, left leg, body)
Dimensions: Body 414 x 636 x 980 mm (W x D x H ± 10 mm)
Various results: Body composition result, pediatric result (optional)
QR code: It scans the QR code of the LCD and the results page to check and send the measurement results to the administration website.

Developed with a technology that adheres to the required essential qualities

ACCUNIQ BC360 is a body fat analyzer with standard impedance that measures the changes in the fat and the muscles in the body. Examine the changes in the body composition and witness the unique measurement technology of ACCUNIQ. Ultrasonic height gauge, ankle electrode and wireless communication with the optional Bluetooth interface. We offer a variety of services for our users.

Muscle mass can easily be displayed

It is easy to assess the muscle amount on the real time screen and see the effects of exercise or rehabilitation on the people who need increase in muscle volume such as athletes and rehabilitation patients.

Bluetooth support to connect to various devices

The Device has a Bluetooth function that allows connection to mobile devices such as smart phones or tablet PCs, and transfers all the data to these devices. When the Bluetooth function on your mobile device is enabled, the data is transferred without needing a QR code once the measurement is complete. This means you can store and manage your measurement data without the need for a print-out.

Power Consumption: 60 VA

Power Supply: Input (AC 100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz), Output (DC 12V, 5A adapter)

Computer connection via USB

Device weight: Approx. 18 kg

5-50-250 kHz frequency range

1-99 age entry

50-220 cm length input

0.1 kg sensitive 10-250 kg measuring capacity

Scale Mode

Option to print measurement results with thermal printer and A4 printer

Result Sheet for Children

Transferring Measurement Results to Phone with QR Code

Measurement Parameters: Body Mass, Ideal Body Mass, Lean Mass, Soft Lean Mass, Protein Mass, Mineral Mass, Total Body Water, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, Percentage Body Fat, Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist-Hip Ratio , Waist Circumference, Obesity Degree, Visceral Fat Level,Visceral Fat Mass Area, Segmental Fat Mass, Segmental Lean Mass, Edema Rate, Body Composition History, Basal Metabolism Rate, Total Energy Expenditure, Body Type, Biological Age, Control Guide, Body Balance Assessment, Total and Segmental Impedance.

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