HFN-1001 Newborn Nasal High Flow Cannula

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Thanks to its specially selected ultra soft material and unique design, we can offer nasal high flow oxygen therapy, Nasal CPAP and Nasal SIMV for newborn and pediatric patients with its patented cannula structure. The clinicians are now able to solve problems such as fixing the swimming caps, and septum and cheek injuries, and pressure leaks, etc. with a single system. HFN series nasal cannulas represent a new era for non-invasive respiratory care. High flow oxygen and humidity transfer enable a better drainage for mucociliary clearance by significantly increasing the tracheal humidity and temperature.

Compared with the conventional mask type oxygen therapy, the GGM HFN series nasal cannulas have become a comfortable and acceptable solution among the patients with its large diaphragm and ultra soft tissue.

Patients needing HFNC can eat, drink and communicate during the therapy. This enables the continuous high flow gas blended with oxygen up to 100% and also humidified to be provided effectively, and constitutes an ideal solution for a large group of patients with respiratory failure.

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