HYDROPHSIO Hydrotherapy Device

HYDRO PHYSIO has several areas of use such as rehabilitation, relaxation and training.



Roman, Greek, Ottoman and Chinese empires have emphasized the importance of water’s strength along with its assistance in terms of eliminating muscle pain and helping relaxation. During the last years, immersion in warm water has been recommended… and has spread across the world from slightly chronic cases to aqua therapy centers. Recent research show that vertical movement and exercise in water provide benefits in the treatment of certain diseases, improve the condition and support physical and mental health.

Contrary to a pool, HYDRO PHYSIO Hydrotherapy Treadmills have an integrated treadmill and easy access for users of all ages with mobility.

It can be used for a personalized hydrotherapy program by selecting the desired water height and treadmill speed. It also attracts attention with its underwater lighting and panoramic view. HYDRO PHYSIO has several areas of use such as rehabilitation, relaxation and training. Water provides 10 times more resistance than air relative to the motion performed. Such supportive conditions increases the trust of users. It aims to develop slower and more intentional motions that help the performance of monitoring and analysis.

Why Does It Work?

Hydrostatic Pressure

• It reduces the heart rate and arterial pressure by helping circulation.
• Reduction of peripheral edema
• It increases the metabolic rate and calorie-burning activity.


It decreases the load of aching joints.
Improves flexibility

Surface Tension

It helps the improvement of patients’ balance problem.
It increases trust. It provides resistance to certain muscle groups.


Relaxes the muscles.
Alleviates pain.
Increases circulation.


Supports weak muscles and arms.
Increases the intensity of exercise.

FOCUS Trainer

Focus is a criteria for the hydrotherapy treadmill that is designed to provide a suitable vertical hydrotherapy; such a functional design has all the characteristics required for an effective therapy, rehabilitation and fitness program that uses a water treadmill.

Optional extra functions such as resistance spraying and automatic chemical dosing are available in the touchscreen model. The interface sets the water depth and treadmill speed smoothly, and the device can be positioned for the user or the therapist easily. Standard treadmill inclination function provides opportunity for the patients to develop more ankle flexibility. Patients of all ages at various levels benefit from this product with ease.


The Lifestyle trainer treadmill is a real leader in its class which aims to provide a broader panoramic field of view for observation and monitoring. Thanks to the water-resistant touchscreen, water depth, treadmill speed and jet flow resistance can all be programmed. The smart system includes user programs, automatic water treatment and system detection. Developed with research on ergonomics, the Lifestyle Trainer has an uncompromising design.

The patented door with full height that opens outwards enables a comfortable and trustworthy access.
There is no need to take the rehabilitation patients to the swimming pool any more. For greater accessibility, the wheelchair ramp enables access to the open door.

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