MP1300 Bedside Monitor

The new MP1300 bedside monitor developed by our brand MEK focuses on the ease of use
by maintaining quality and accuracy of measurement.

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Ease of Use

The MP1300 bedside monitor has a touch screen. On its 12.1 inch high resolution color display, various display forms can be selected by the user. ECG, ST segment and PVC Analysis, RR Measurement, SpO2 Measurement, NIBP Measurement / Non-invasive Blood Pressure, Invasive Blood Pressure 4 channels, TEMP Measurement, EtCO2 Measurement, Cardiac Output Measurement, Multi-gas Measurement, and Anesthetic Gas Measurement modules are provided as standard with the device. The image of waveforms can be paused on the screen when desired.

Light Intensity Controlled SpO2 Technology® (LIC SpO2) patented by our company MEK

The SpO2 module of MEKICS adopts optimum technology against the noise used to control spontaneous light intensity based on the variation sensitivity of patients with different penetrations (so that the penetration will be different based on thickness, race and skin condition) as well as the sensitivity of the sensor.

AIn addition, through the measurement technology that allows detecting the sudden changes in the blood pressure, it is possible to assess sudden blood pressure changes with ECG and pulse values, thus obtaining the most accurate results.

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