Newborn Bubble CPAP device

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Infant Bubble CPAP system

Most of the infant respiratory diseases emerge as a result of the immature lungs of a premature infant. Despite the stimulation, the normal process that should be observed on the first breath does not begin. The respiratory system is underdeveloped and a sufficient amount of gas exchange does not take place. However, there is no need for respiratory support.

The combined effects of bubble CPAP and CPAP as well as the pressure oscillation from air bubbles provide a protective, reliable and effective respiratory support method for the newborns with spontaneous respiration.

Bubble CPAP Functional Residual Capacity (FRC); Most of the pulmonary diseases causing respiratory failure have been associated with decreased FRC. Maintaining the FRC is quite important for premature babies that are more inclined to obstruction of airways when the FRC falls below the closing volume.

Bubble CPAP Helps Reduce the Newborn’s Work of Breathing. Vibrations resulting from the pressure oscillations that are caused by the bubbles have been examined. According to such examination, these pressure oscillations are resupplied to the airways of the newborn and may provide an alternative gas exchange by means of the principle of facilitated diffusion. Physiological effects of the bubble CPAP can improve gas exchange and reduce the Work of Breathing (WOB) of the newborn. The in-vitro measurements made in some clinical studies and the in- vitro measurements performed on the baby with bubble CPAP have confirmed that pressure oscillations caused by bubbles are transferred to the airways and lungs of the newborn.

System Components;

The entire system consists of a servo controlled humidifier, nasal prong, CPAP generator, heated wire circuit and pressure release safety valve. High flow source is a complete system for applying continuous, positive airway pressure to the newborns and babies by nasal prongs applied through a heated wire circuit used with a baby ventilator or a suitably equipped multi-purpose ventilator.

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