SU:M EVO5 High Level Intensive Care Ventilator

This device is an intuitive intensive care ventilator that offers multiple options for protective ventilation with increased reliability.


Functions with Ease of Use

SU:MVO 5 is an extremely advanced ventilator unit for adult, children and infant groups during acute care respiration support.

Designed considering clinic physicians, SU:M EVO5 has been created to facilitate work flow and enable sophisticated ventilation with simple easy-to-use functions as detailed below.

SUM EVO2 is a mechanical ventilator with a uniquely advanced level of detection and control rates. It incorporates quite unique functions such as Smart weaning and Autovent to support the protective ventilation strategies. Even one of these advantages alone is a reason to closely review this device. The main question to ask is whether all these functions are found in a single device? And the answer is yes, they are offered in the same device.

Additionally, Tracheal and Esophageal Pressure Monitorization for infant, pediatric and adult patients in acute and sub-acute clinic environments are offered as standard. Volumetric Capnography function is also offered optionally on demand.

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