SU:M1 Intensive Care Ventilator

One of the most advanced ventilators used today with its extraordinary features
offered as standard.

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A Single Device for All Your Needs

The main purpose of our device, which combines optimal solutions in a single device, is its successful weaning strategy, and that it offers multi-functional features in a complete and compact structure.

Furthermore, our company offers direct purchasing processes in an easy and reasonable manner for our Mek branded SU:M1 model intensive care ventilator device available in DMO (State Supply Office).

Strong Configurations

Strong configurations and ventilation modes offered as standard makes the SU: M Series extremely exclusive and competitive. It helps the user with operation costs as multiple functions can be added optionally.

Standard Ventilation modes: PACV, VACV, PSIMV, VSIMV, SPONT, O2Stream®

Groundbreaking Weaning Function

SU:M Series ventilators offer useful optional functions (Smart Weaning) for successful and adaptable weaning, and auxiliary functions in acute respiration therapy such as hemodynamic parameters (SpO2, EtCO2) and lung mechanics in a single multi-functional device.

SU:M Series ventilators aim for successful weaning; therefore they offer O2 Stream (Nasal High Flow Therapy-HFNC) function as standard. It is also possible to perform the nasal high flow support with ventilators at the weaning stage and in appropriate age groups without the need for changing the device.

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